Henley is a Real Estate Management & Development firm offering a range of solutions for individuals and organizations looking to buy, sell, lease, invest in or develop real estate in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

We Deal in;

1. Investment in Residential Estates
2. Investment in Commercial Estates
3. Investment in Industrial Estates
4. Seasonal investment in Joint Venture or Collaboration

 Our capabilities include:

Real Estate Advisory Services

Henley offers a range of valuation survey on assets including Land, Plant & Machinery, and Buildings for purposes such as Mortgage, Open Market Sales, Rental Assessment. These capabilities cover residential, commercial, agricultural, tourism and leisure, industrial and other categories of real estate.

  •  Buy and Sell side due diligence
  •  Rental Assessment
  •  Compensation Assessment
  •  Assessment of Property Portfolio
  •  Feasibility Studies
  •  Project Concept Development
  •  Project Management
  •  General Consultation Services

We facilitate real estate conveyance and undertake survey activities such as:

 Opening boundaries

Includes verification of the existence of the subject property in the stated location, testing for encroachments and verifying the dimensions of the said property in relation to the cadastral prints provided.

  Sub division

Generating sub titles from a master title to a parent parcel of land as traditionally used in cases of sales or property development.


Upon completion of the Land Survey/subdivision exercises, we facilitate title acquisition.

  Topographic surveying

This helps to provide information about the physical features of a subject site as useful in cases such as planning stages for large scale projects to determine most appropriate layout of buildings, roads, dams, pipe lines among others.

 Title transfers

Facilitating transfer and change of ownership of land titles subject to local regulations.

  Title search

Providing appraisal of specific attributes of a subject property such as Registered Proprietor, Registered Encumbrances and acreage.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management offers tools, systems and support to facilitate landlords in maintaining optimal condition of residential, commercial, industrial and other real estate.
With full service capabilities, Henley is in position to offer among others:

  •  Condition Surveys to assess current state of assets;
  •  developing and executing Tenant Acquisition and Retention Strategies;
  •  Rental Assessment valuations;
  •  Rent, Service Charge and other fee collection;
  •  undertaking scheduled and unscheduled maintenance;
  •  Establishing, operationalizing and benchmarking facilities management systems and procedures;
  •  Bill payment, book keeping, financial and regulatory reporting;
  •  Tenant management;
  •  Managing service providers
    •    Architects
    •    Engineers
    •    Surveyors
    •    Contractors
    •    Project Managers

 Other Support services

  •  Professional housekeeping;
  •  Security services;
  •  Landscaping; 

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